Online Sports Betting in the US

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With the advent of online gambling, more Americans are able to play their favorite casino games at home, and more states are allowing online sports betting. In addition to these new options, state governments have expressed concerns about the possibility of bringing in illegal gambling operations from other states.

The first state to provide legal sports betting was Nevada. Nevada offers more than just sports wagering, however. The state allows for poker action as well. The state also has a wide variety of casinos, and there are a variety of types of wagers. Some are only allowed to be placed in a Nevada establishment, while others can be placed through an online sportsbook.

Illinois is one of the few states in the nation that does not allow sports betting. While it is possible to place a bet on many sporting events, the state does not permit individual prop bets on college games, and live betting is not permitted on in-state collegiate teams. Aside from these restrictions, Illinois residents are not permitted to wager on non-sports events.

Iowa has more than a dozen online sportsbook apps available to Coloradans, but eSports betting is not permitted. Additionally, Iowa does not permit wagering on in-state colleges. Nevertheless, most sports events are covered, with only the Oscars not being allowed to be wagered on. Although Iowa is not the largest state to offer sports betting, the state does have enough casino operations to allow the majority of wagers to be placed. In fact, if all 35 of the state’s casinos offered online sportsbooks, Iowa residents would have the ability to place bets on nearly every sporting event.

Massachusetts will begin offering online sportsbooks in early 2023. In the meantime, a number of online poker rooms are bringing their businesses to the state. Most notably, DraftKings Online Casino has partnered with the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation. Meanwhile, 888 works closely with the Delaware Lottery. 888 is also the sponsor of the World Series of Poker in Michigan.

Missouri has recently begun to offer online gambling. In addition to the state’s two casinos, several other Missouri casinos have started to offer online gambling. The state’s gaming commission will have some discretion as to what types of live betting can be offered. The legislature is presently considering allowing online casinos, and the state may decide to allow eSports betting.

Indiana and Illinois are both in the process of introducing online casinos. In fact, Illinois will likely be the next state to legalize an online casino. In addition to the three major online poker sites, the state also offers WSOP action. In addition, there are numerous smaller, localized Michigan based online casinos. In 2020, all 35 of the state’s casino properties will have the option of providing online sportsbooks. In addition to these offerings, Indiana will also have better sports betting administration than Illinois.

Colorado, as the name suggests, is a state that is not large enough to support a vast amount of gambling apps. Still, Colorado residents are able to make a wide variety of bets, and almost all types of wagers are available. In addition to the state’s casinos, Colorado is home to a number of Native American tribes. The Mohegan and Salish tribes each have their own online casinos. In addition, the two tribes have exclusivity with a few of the leading online casino operators.