What Are the Different Types of Online Slots?

online slot

There are many different types of online slots available for you to play. You can choose from themes based on popular TV shows, movies, and computer games. Themes based on world history are also popular. You can also play online slots with location-based themes that will let you go on a virtual vacation. You can even play games themed after famous cities.

Game type

Online slots offer a much greater variety than the games found in brick-and-mortar casinos. Each type of slot offers a different set of characteristics, including bonus features, life-changing progressive jackpots, and more. Many online slots also include animations, sound effects, and graphics that add to the fun. There are two main types of online slots.

Bonus round

The bonus round of an online slot is an extra feature in the game that can make you win more cash. Most bonus rounds are triggered by a combination of symbols. However, some machines require the player to collect a certain number of special symbols in order to enter the bonus round. Other bonus rounds may require the player to click on certain items to reveal multipliers.


An online slot’s RTP can be a great way to determine the odds of winning a jackpot. A higher RTP means that the odds of winning are higher, but it does not necessarily mean that it will pay out more often. For example, online slots with a low RTP may only pay out once in every ten or twelve spins, whereas slots with a high RTP may pay out only once every four spins.


Manufacturers of online slots come in a wide variety of styles and themes. A game may be themed around a movie or a TV show, or it may be a traditional reel machine that has a jackpot. Many of the games are available in mobile apps, too. They feature graphics that capture the attention of players. Games are typically bright and cartoonish, with all ranges of colour used in the symbols and backgrounds.


Online slot players have many different motivations. Some are business oriented, while others are motivated by the chance to win. Both have their own unique characteristics, but they share similar goals.